The High Council if the UEENR were a ship the High council would be the pilot, as they plot the course for which the entire org to follow. The Council is lead by the High Admiral Hawk (pictured to the right) who is counseled by his aids and senior commanders of the UEENR

The UEENR provides military veterans a support structure when their tour ends, It operates on three levels, Individual, Squadron and Wing.

To individuals we provide them with help and advice, crew positions and where available loaner ships to help them get started in the verse as well as offering access to training at our Naval Academy . Our support network helps them find fellow pilots to fly on their wing on occasion or even a Squadron for them to join.

Squadrons are an integral part of the structure of the UEENR, providing each member with a close knit community of trusted friends who share similar interests, ensuring no one ever gets left behind by the system no matter how large the UEENR grows, each Squadron is autonomous of the UEENR for the majority of the time. free to pursue what ever lawful interests they may have. (they are separate affiliated orgs) but have the same morals and principles that are core to the beliefs of the UEENR. They only come under the direct control of UEENR’s leadership during a multi squadron operation whereby the UEENR High Command coordinates the large force to strike major blows to the enemies of the Empire. 

Wings are comprised of like minded Squadrons who group together to work more effectively, share critical resources and allows for better strategic oversight and efficiency through the guidance of the Wing Commander.

The ranks within the UEENR fall into six distinct categories, Auxiliaries, Enlisted, Non Commissioned Officers, Junior Officers, Senior Officers and Command.

Auxiliaries are the most casual of all members of the Reserve they tend to be low ranking members of a Squadron or freelancers who occasionally lend a hand.

Ranks: Auxiliary

Enlisted personnel make up the brunt of the UEENR’s ranks, these members are the well disciplined backbone of the Reserve.

Ranks: RTC, Starman, Leading Starman

Non Commission Officers are well trained crewmen often responsible for maintaining key systems aboard capital ships and leading small teams of Enlisted personnel.

Ranks: Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer, Master Chief Petty Officer

Junior Officers are bridge crew on capital ships, pilots, flight leaders and commanders of small and medium sized ships and squadrons. The level of commitment expected from these personal is quite serious.

Ranks: Midshipman, Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade

Senior Officers are the commanders of large squadrons and capital ships.

Ranks: Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander

Command are the most senior members of the Reserve charged with the command of entire wings, important offices and overseeing the day to day operation of literally hundreds of personal each.

Ranks: Captain, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral



The Fleet Council              to continue the metaphor the Fleet Council is the heart of the ship that binds it all together, it serves the critical function of giving each Squadron and by proxy each member a voice in how the fleet is run and operations planned,

The Tactical Wing represents the brunt of the UEENR’s military might,  charged with establishing ground, air and space superiority in any theater the fleet operates.

The Recon Wing is charged with the critical task of collecting  and processing intelligence  on the Empires enemies. The intel they provide is the foundation for all the fleets strategic planning. They are also responsible for handling combat operations that are better suited to the finesse of a covert approach.

The Support Wing is the engine of this metaphorical spaceship, without it we’d literally go nowhere, maintaining and stocking a fleet might not be the most glamorous job but it is fundamental to the successful operation of every other element of the UEENR