The United Empire of Earth Naval Reserves

(otherwise known as the UEENR or Naval Reserves) is a fellowship of former servicemen and women, who realise that although you may leave the Navy, the Navy never truly leaves you.

So after your tour ends, join the Naval Reserves

& together we'll continue to loyally serve the Empire by conducting

* Operations against the Vanduul and serious Pirate threats

* Strategic Reconnaissance

* Search & Rescue

* Escort Duty

* Sector Patrol

And we're always in need of Support and Logistic personnel, as well as crew for our Capital Ships.

So no matter how you wish to serve, we've got the place for you!

I've never been in the Armed forces is there still a place in the UEENR for me?

Not all our members have served in real life, as long as your willing to role-play your Star Citizen Character as military veteran and have completed Squadron 42 you're more than welcome to join.

Ok this sounds great but I don't want to have to fight anyone, are there other opportunities within the UEENR for me to pursue?

Yes we have a vast quantity of crew positions available in our Capital ship fleet and we also have a dedicated support infrastructure, with roles available for Search and Rescue, Medical, Logistics, Refueling  and Strategic Resource Acquisition (which is our fancy way of saying mining and salvaging). All these things are essential to running a fleet, support roles might not get the glory but they're absolutely essential to the success of the UEENR and are given the respect they deserve.

So, what does the UEENR offer its members, why should you join?

To put it concisely the UEENR offers Community, Opportunity and Protection.


We have our own website, forum and Discord server, where we make plans, socialise, and conduct regular group play sessions


We have a dedicated leadership with years of actual military experience our goal is to create the most authentic military experience you'll find in Star Citizen. This strong leadership combined with a sturdy organisational structure, will give us a decisive tactical edge in the Persistence Universe allowing us to accomplish real change in the verse via our fleet operations. These operations will be unique gameplay events that only our members get to take part in.

And Protection

The UEENR has members all around the world so that no matter when you play, there should always be another UEENR member online and ready to come to your aid should Pirates or Vanduul attack.

Founded in 2924 by former members of Squadron 42 who were eager to continue serving the Empire after they'd finished their final tour.

The Naval Reserves quickly became very popular amongst former UEEN personnel, soon growing into an entire Fleet.

Since it’s creation the UEENR Has become a well oiled fighting machine with a strong system of leadership commanding a modern, efficient and self sufficient fleet.

What's the High Council?

The High Council top tier of the Naval Reserves command structure, they administer the various offices of the UEENR (These offices manage the 'UEENR Jobs Board', 'UEENR Market' and 'UEENR Naval Academy' to name but a few responsibilities) as well as being responsible for the creation of org wide policies.

I run my own organisation, but I really like what the UEENR is doing can we work together?

The UEENR is technically an umbrella organisation composed of many smaller orgs which we call Squadrons, these Squadrons fulfill a critical role within our structure by allowing for each and every member to be part of a close knit group and avoid them feeling lost in the crowd.

As such we actively encourage new organisations to join us as Squadrons so long as they’re willing to help fight enemies of the Empire and abide by it’s laws.

Org's that join us benefit from the mutual defense of the UEENR, access to the UEENR community resources and to participation in joint operations,

Each Squadrons Leader is also given a place on our Fleet Council. Squadrons retain their full independence and are free to leave should they wish. If you'd like to register your org as a UEENR Squadron click here,

you can also email us with any further questions on the subject.



Q & A

Would you like to know more?

We have dedicated pages to tell you about our structure, Squadrons and code of conduct as well as a page of manuals and guides. If there’s anything you’d like to know that you can’t find on our website you’re more than welcome to join our Discord server a guest and ask one of our Reservists directly or email us with any questions you may have.

Pictured left: is the original UEENR founding charter show cased on a plaque at the central UEENR command offices

What's the Fleet Council?

Comprised of all the Squadron Leaders, Capital ship Captains, Wing Commanders and Admiralty, It is responsible for operational planning and   allows Squadron Leaders and all members of the Reserve by proxy a voice on all matters arising and the direction we're taking, as any member may ask their Squadron Leader or Commander to raise a matter on their behalf. So that no matter how large we grow no one will ever feel left behind.